The Ride

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Mind Body Burn

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Cardio & Dance

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Action sports

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Outdoor DRIIP

Think HIIT that will make you DRIIP! Train like a champion. Get moving and pumped with outdoor workouts designed to fuel your fitness. Get your sweat on with dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, agility ladders, and more, whether you're just starting out or at the top of your game.

Full Body Fit

Hit all the muscle groups from head to toe! This class is the answer to your weekend workout! Challenge yourself with heavy weights and combinations to enhance your overall muscular strength and endurance!


Mixed-modality outdoor workouts in a small group setting will help improve your strength and technique. Kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, and metabolic conditioning come together to challenge and keep you going.


Roadwork for boxers is the work a fighter does outside of the ring. We combine boxing technique, hitting mitts and targets, partner drills, footwork, and core conditioning to create the ultimate boxing experience. Improve your speed, endurance, and recovery when you train like the warrior you are.

Kettlebell Foundations and Flow

Have you always wanted to learn how to use a KB but don't know where to start? In this 50 minute class you will learn how to properly use a kettlebell  safely and effectively. The skills you learn will be immediately applied into a kettlebell flow during the back end of class!


Learn how to strengthen, control, activate, and mobilize using  your body weight and animal-based movements.If you want to begin your fitness journey but are hesitant to use weights or aren't sure where to start, Animal Flow is a great option.

Energy Flow

This 50-minute workout will challenge you in the best way possible. Energy Flow will help you feel more powerful in your daily life through specific movements. Combining upper and lower body workouts throughout the week gives you just what you need to hit your next fitness level.

Build and Burn

Get ready to burn calories and build strength in this 50 minute full body class.
This high energy class will challenge you in all the right ways and make you feel like you worked
hard in all the right ways!

Flex and flow

Prime and connect with your body for the first 30 minutes with an athletic yoga flow. Finish class with a strength block feeling strong and finish flexing!

Yoga Flow

Join our Gentle Stretch and Flex Yoga class for an exquisite blend of supple stretches, focused flexibility work, soothing recovery methods, and stress relief techniques. Rediscover balance, agility, and serenity on and off the mat. Your journey to holistic wellness begins here.

Glutes and Abs

Let’s get those glutes working and abs burning! During class we will target all muscle groups that make up your booty and target the abdominal region to follow!

Super Strength

Enhance your fitness with compound lifts and strength training. You will learn proper form, increase your stamina and overall strength!

Olympic Weightlifting

Learn how to snatch and clean & jerk! This class lays down the foundations for the oly lifts to improve technique and strength! Improve positional stability, explosive strength, and impress yourself!

MixModa Strength

Immerse yourself in a variety of training modalities including steel mace, landmine progressions, and functional training. Perfect for an active traveling professional looking to learn new movements and improve overall strength!


Isolate specific muscle groups with us during LuxLift! Your muscles will get the pump that you have been looking for. The class will be full of different strength exercises to target the muscle group of the day.

HIIT Bootcamp

Energize your mind and body for the day with 40 minutes of HIIT training followed by a calming mobility and yoga flow. This body specific workout will take your strength to the next level -- both physically and mentally.


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