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COVID Safety Procedures?

Outdoor training is THE safest way to train. Please be respectful and maintain the required 6-foot distance from other patrons. Our staff will follow all CDC protective protocols.Starting May 6th, fully vaccinated individuals may be mask-free if outdoors.  Otherwise, all members and patrons must have a face covering.Members and LuxFit staff are required to complete mandatory health checks at the front desk before entering the facility. Everyone will be required to fill out a questionnaire, reporting any COVID-19 symptoms or if they have come in contact with someone experiencing symptoms.

Disinfectant Products & Procedures?

LuxFit has implemented deep-cleaning and disinfecting protocols that continue throughout the day. EPA-registered disinfectants, designed to effectively kill the COVID-19 virus in less than a minute, are applied to surfaces at regular times throughout the day to ensure our facility is the cleanest it can possibly be.Hand sanitizer stations will be conveniently placed throughout the facility for ease of access, so our members remain healthy and comfortable. Our sanitizers meet and exceed the CDC guidelines for personal sanitation purposes. Our #1 priority is your safety.The maintenance team and trainers are diligent in their use of disinfectant wipes to clean the equipment before and after use. Our disinfectant wipes are EPA-approved, killing 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Independent Training Facility?

All our trainers are independent contractors since we are an Independent Training Facility. Each trainer runs their own small business from LuxFit. We believe fitness professionals deserve to make a living and this allows us to recruit the best trainers in the Bay Area.

Get Started With a Trainer

To get started with a trainer, there are five steps. Your first step is to schedule a complimentary consultation to determine your goals, fitness background, and the training style you prefer. Next, we’ll send you a list of recommended trainers. From that list, you’ll choose a trainer for your free customized movement screening. After your screening, you will pay and schedule your training directly through your coach. To get started on your fitness journey, contact Luxfit today.

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Memberships Explained?

We are a per-use facility. Facility Access passes are required for all members participating in personal training.Your session fee is paid directly to your trainer and is not included in your Facility Access fee. Memberships are valid for Group Fitness and Open Gym Access.

Costs of Training and Classes

Since each of our trainers is independent, our prices depend on the client's needs, experience, certifications, and training setting. Prices range from $100 to $160 for individual sessions.

Our Buddy Sessions (two people, one coach) range from $125 to $200 per session.

Our group classes range in price from $30-$40/class. All LuxFit Members receive discounted classes.

When it rains, we have large canopies to cover our venues to keep you dry and safe. We operate LuxFit rain or shine, seven days a week.

Open Gym?

Open gym usage gives you full access to our facilities, including all equipment, space, private restrooms, any time we're open. So whether you're a seasoned lifter who feels comfortable with their routine or a training client who's ready to level up, our open gym memberships are for you. Work out at the top outdoor training facility in the Bay Area when it works for you.

Can I drop in to work out?

Yes! We offer one-day passes at $25 for non-members and just $15 for members. One-day passes can be purchased here.

What happens on rainy days?

On days when it rains, we have large canopies to cover to help stay dry and safe. We operate LuxFit rain or shine, seven days a week!

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