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According to Haitian culture, a doctor, lawyer, or engineer were the only professions worth pursuing. Paul chose, “Doctor!” with side passions in martial arts, hip-hop dance & choreography, and music pop culture.  Paul walked away from his senior-level 9 to 5 job several years ago.  He swiftly pivoted to the education sector, something respectable, only to find himself back where he started—burnout and fear, resulting in financial loss, acute anxiety, major depressive disorder, and drug addiction—natural bodily defense mechanisms in search of life’s equilibrium. These symptoms shattered his physical body, livelihood, and belief system. Ironically, it was his original love for the human body and his surrounding public health community that catalyzed his life-long recovery process—to both his health and a career that honors his first love: the human body!

It is Paul's belief that you are the expert on your own body and its recovery because you belong to yourself. However, the cultural, economical, and structural demands of everyday living often dissociate us from our mind & body. Paul works with clients to help you build small habits & routines in which you see improvements in your body’s stability, flexibility, mobility, function, and cardiorespiratory & muscular endurance, strength, and power.

Paul is an SF resident of 10 years by way of Los Angeles, Boston and New Hampshire. He's obsessed with Beyoncé, revels in The Real Housewives reality TV universe, and loves live music, stand-up comedy, and international travel!

Certified Personal Trainer - ACE
Orange theory Fitness Cert. - Treadmill Interval Training & Rowing


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